As a business owner, you may focus a lot of your energy and time on marketing, sales, customer services, human resource management, financial planning, business partnerships, etc. Unfortunately, we saw that many times the legal aspects of businesses are put aside and postponed until the first threat of a lawsuit. A business needs a lawyer from the moment of formation and incorporation to buyout or dissolution.

How can a business law attorney help your company? As a business owner, you should analyze the following top reasons to hire a lawyer.

1. Guidance on business planning

A business law attorney will examine your needs and advise on the business form you should choose for incorporation: sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, LLC, non-profit, etc. The lawyer will also handle all the legal paperwork for incorporation and help in business planning.

2. Knowledge in corporate law

Once your business runs, you need a lawyer that has solid knowledge and experience in corporate law. The attorney will help you create shareholder agreements, negotiate business transactions, purchase or sell assets, handle patents and trademarks, represent you in business partnerships or other business contexts, etc.

3. Comprehensive protection

If your business is threatened with legal action, your lawyer already knows your business and immediately understands its liabilities and strengths. Business litigations can often appear. However, an experienced business law attorney knows how to protect your business through comprehensive internal policies and procedures and strong business agreements.

4. Navigating business change and growth

In time, as a business owner, you might sign new deals, buy or sell properties or assets, or expand your business. In all situations, you need a lawyer to prepare and handle negotiations and representations, and in some cases, even court approval is required. Eventually, when you are ready to sell your business or shares, your lawyer will find the best way out for you.

5. Multi-discipline support

Finally, a corporate law attorney can quickly examine a situation and advise when you need additional support for issues, such as complicated tax matters, insurances, or human resources-related problems. A well-connected lawyer will refer your business immediately to the right professionals.

The intricate business law could intimidate any company owner. Educate yourself and get the professional help of a business law attorney. Salom Law attorneys are here to provide the ongoing legal guidance your business needs. Contact us today!