When you face a legal dispute in your personal life or for your business, you will worry about the length and the complexity of the process and going to court to solve the problem. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) can take that worry away and help you solve conflicts, disputes, and other legal issues outside the court.

ADR focuses on solving problems by mutual agreements that result through actions such as neutral evaluation, negotiation, conciliation, and the most well-known ones – mediation and arbitration.

What will be the key benefits of using Dispute Resolution for yourself or your business?

1. It saves time and money, as it is much faster than litigation.

Studies show that issues that might take years to be solved in court can be mutually agreed upon in less than one month through effective arbitration processes.

2. Dispute resolution offers control over the results.

In court, the judge will have the final say over your personal or business matters. However, when discussing the issues in a mediating process you will come to an agreement that works best for both parties.

3. It helps you to avoid more tension and hostility.

The legal issues already put a lot of pressure on you. Maybe, you do not want more drama, more tension and you might also have some interest in preserving your personal or business relationships. Alternative Dispute Resolution gives you this opportunity to arrive at a win-win situation.

4. ADR is held in private.

In contrast with the legal proceeding in court, the dispute resolution is completely confidential. This is essential both in very personal family issues and commercially sensitive cases.

Consider ADR for your legal disputes, and contact our attorneys, highly specialized and with long-term experience in alternative dispute resolutions, to get the professional legal support you need.